Need to access your EasyPhone features?

This list of comprehensive Star Codes should be able to help you setup and manage all of your features.


Code Description
*55 Access Voicemail Portal
*99 Voice Portal Menus

Forward and Locate Me

Code Description
*72 Call Forward Always Activation
*72xxx Call Forward Always Activation for this number
*73 Call Forward Always Deactivation
*92 Call Forward No Answer Activation
*92xxx Call Forward No Answer for this number
*93 Call Forward No Answer Deactivation
*90 Call Forward Busy Activation
*90xxx Call Forward Busy Activation for this number
*91 Call Forward Busy Deactivation
**561xxx Enable and Set 'Locate Me' Number 1
*571 Deactivate 'Locate Me' Number 1
*562xxx Enable and Set 'Locate Me' Number 2
*572 Deactivate 'Locate Me' Number 2
*563xxx Enable and Set 'Locate Me' Number 3
*573 Deactivate 'Locate Me' Number 3

Do Not Disturb and Privacy Options

Code Description
*78 Do Not Disturb Activation
*79 Do Not Disturb Deactivation
*30 Caller ID Blocking Activation
*31 Caller ID Blocking Deactivation
*77 Anonymous Call Rejection Activation
*87 Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivation
*60xxx Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Addition
*80xxx Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Removal
*65xxx Make a call with Caller ID visible
*67xxx Make a call with Caller ID blocked
*32/td> Anonymous caller screening Activation
*33 All callers screening Activation
*34 Call screening Deactivation

Remote Callback/Dial-Tone Options

Code Description
*94xxx Remote Dialtone Service Number Addition
*95xxx Remote Dialtone Service Number Removal
*96xxx Remote Call-back Service Number Addition
*97xxx Remote Call-back Service Number Removal
*98xxx Remote Access Authorisation Pin Setup
*98 Removal of Remote Access Authorisation Pin (Trusted ANI only)

Conferencing Options

Code Description
*40 Activate conferencing for my number (turn into conference room)
*41 Deactivate conferencing for my number
*42 Access your own conference room

Other Options

Code Description
*61 Call Waiting Activation
*81 Call Waiting Deactivation
*69 Call Return (Call back your last caller)
*51 Who last called me?
**37xxx Set Authorisation Pin Code
*37 Remove Authorisation Pin Code (no digits after *37)
*74x Program Speed Dial 8 (x can be 2-9)
*52 Toggle to activate/deactivate EasyPhone voicemail system
*54n Set Call Diversion Timer where 'n' is number of seconds