Run out of broadband data? Don't worry, you can easily top up your data with one of our great value Data Blocks.

Data Blocks Cost
2GB $5.00
5GB $10.00
20GB $25.00
50GB $50.00

Auto Data Blocks (optional)

Choose to have Auto Data Blocks on your account and you will never again be slowed to dial-up speeds. A simple and hassle-free way to make sure you never run out of data.

Keep your data for a year - data banking

Purchase a Data Block from Slingshot and any unused data will last for a full year. This means you can always keep your Data Block on hand for when you need it.

How can I add Data Blocks to my Slingshot account?

Simple. Login to My Account and choose "Manage my data".
This will allow you to add as much data as you want and get back up and running immediately.