Rollover is awesome. It means that any unused data rolls over onto the next month - so you can bank unused data and use it later. Pretty fair huh?

Rollover FAQs

What is Rollover?
With Slingshot Rollover your unused monthly data won’t expire for a full 12 months. Any unused data you do have will accumulate from month-to-month throughout the year.
Which Slingshot Broadband plans come with Rollover?
All of our new Slingshot Broadband plans come with Rollover (except Unlimited of course, because that's unlimited).
What does Rollover cost?
Rollover is included in the price of all new Slingshot Broadband plans.
When does my Rollover data expire?
Your Rollover data will only expire after 12 months. For example, if you had 10GB of unused data at the end of this month it’ll roll over into the next… and keep doing so until you use it up or it expires in a year’s time.
If I change my broadband plan, what happens to my Rollover data?
If you change to any other broadband plan, any Rollover data you’ve accumulated will disappear.
What happens if I cancel my account or my services are suspended e.g. for non-payment?
If your broadband service is cancelled at your request or suspended for non-payment, then any data you’ve accumulated will be deleted.
How do I see how much Rollover data I’ve accumulated?
You can see how much Rollover data you’ve got by logging into My Account ‘My Internet’ ‘Manage My Data Usage’. You can also check what months you’ve accumulated your data and when it expires.
What happens to my Rollover data if I move house?
Moving house won’t affect your Rollover data.
In what order is all my data used up?
Simple, the data offered on your plan will be used first, then the data on your data block, and then your rollover data.

Rollover Terms and Conditions

  • Unused data in any month expires 12 months after it was accumulated.
  • Unused data cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of credit.
  • Customers who upgrade or downgrade their broadband plan (or bundle) will have any and all unused accumulated data removed from their account.
  • Customers whose services are suspended due to non-payment will have any and all unused accumulated data removed from their account.