Unleash the internet

Ever tried to go to a website, only to be told you can't see it because you live in New Zealand? We think that's bizarre, and it's why we have introduced Global Mode.

Global Mode is a brilliant service that lets you visit a range of sites that are normally blocked to people from New Zealand. And it's free for Slingshot broadband customers.

We think it's pretty awesome - and lets you surf and view the sites that you want to see.

More than two dozen of the world’s favourite sites are unblocked with Global Mode, including Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix US, and BBC iPlayer.

If there’s a site you’d like to see added, please email your suggestion to globalmode@team.slingshot.co.nz

Use of Global Mode is subject to Slingshot’s Terms of Use.
Global streaming services don't have NZ age ratings, so keep an eye on what your kids are watching.
There’s a list of NZ ratings at: http://www.fvlb.org.nz/nz
And if it’s not on there, IMDB.com is a good guide for age appropriateness.
Please also ensure you are aware of content providers' terms and conditions.