Global Mode

Global Mode allows you to access a range of web sites and content from all over the world so you can get the most out of your broadband experience.

Just as you should with any website you visit though, it is important that you understand their terms of use and comply with them fully. If you are not allowed to access material via whatever site you are visiting, then do not do so. Slingshot has no relationship with these sites and it is important to remember that most global content services don't have NZ age ratings, so keep an eye on what your kids are watching. There’s a list of NZ ratings at: and if the material you are accessing is not there is a good guide for age appropriateness for most streaming services.

Below we have highlighted a few other important things that you need to be aware of, but it is important to note that the use of Global Mode is also subject to Slingshot’s standard Terms of Use. Make sure you read those carefully as well.

  1. We have no control over what content you access. That is your choice. However, our standard terms require you to comply with all applicable laws when you use any of our services, including Global Mode. In particular, you must not use our services to infringe copyright or any other third party rights. You can infringe copyright in a number of ways including accessing content where you are prohibited from doing so, so check before you stream any content using Global Mode or any other service.
  2. We have no relationship with the sites you access using Global Mode. We are not a distributor or publisher of their content and do not endorse or take any responsibility for it. We are not responsible for the accuracy or any delivery of any content from any site you visit or for any content or products you may see while you are there (such as advertising or apps available for purchase). We are definitely not liable for any harm resulting from your access, use or acquisition of any content or products. As we note above, in particular, check that content is age appropriate and not illegal.
  3. We take copyright and other third party rights very seriously. Global Mode use does not mean that you can ignore reading and complying with the terms of use of each of the sites you visit. We do not take any responsibility or accept any liability for your use of or the contents of any such sites. You are solely responsible for this.
  4. From time to time we may receive takedown or other legal notices relating to content that is accessed using our services, including Global Mode. Where we are bound to do so, we will comply with those notices in accordance with New Zealand and other applicable laws or court orders. As you know, we do not currently charge for your use of Global Mode, so, if we have to shut it down or decide at some stage to shut it down, that does not impact on your other obligations to us, including under any fixed term contract.