Slingshot walk away as the big winner

The inaugural Broadband Compare Awards ceremony, held in Auckland on Thursday 2 November, saw Slingshot walk away as the big winner.

Slingshot took home 3 gongs on the evening with awards for Best Bundled Plan, Consumer NZ Broadband Provider of the Year and the Broadband Compare People's Choice Award.

The awards, supported by Consumer NZ, covered 11 different categories across the broadband sector. More than 20 different internet providers made up the finalists across the various categories ranging from prominent and well-known brands through to smaller regional and specialist internet providers.

Broadband Compare managing director Gavin Male said the awards were a huge success. "It is great to see some of the newer consumer brands coming to the forefront with different offerings, competitive pricing and innovative new ways of packaging their broadband products. Our panel of judges had a very tough task selecting the winners, as there are a wealth of different options out there for consumers and businesses," Mr Male said. "We urge everyone to take a couple of minutes to check their current broadband plan to ensure they are making the most of the advancements in technology and the changes in pricing. There are a lot of options out there people may be unaware of."

2017 Broadband Compare Awards – Slingshot:

  • Broadband Compare People's Choice Award - Sponsored by Broadband Compare - Slingshot
  • Consumer NZ Broadband Provider of the Year - Sponsored by Consumer NZ - Slingshot
  • Best Bundled Plan – Sponsored by ThisSideUp - Slingshot

Slingshot Fastest Growing Power Company In Auckland

Telco Slingshot was the top selling power company in Auckland last month, despite not being officially launched, and only selling power to existing broadband customers during a soft launch phase.

Slingshot General Manager, Taryn Hamilton, says the company is now selling power nationwide to new customers as well as existing broadband customers.

"The response to date in Auckland has exceeded expectations and we're expecting the momentum to build nationwide for an even stronger month in July."

The key was keeping it simple, he said.

We are making it easy. When you buy broadband from us, we'll ask if you want to add power. We've priced our power rates aggressively, and apply a prompt payment discount to both your broadband and power bill when you pay on time, and wrap it all up on a simple single bill.

"It's an attractive offer but we know people are apathetic about their power company, so when a brand they trust comes along with a solid promise, switching is a no-brainer."

Hamilton also believes claims that the industry is a hotbed of competitiveness appear to be overstated and that from where he's standing, the electricity industry is less competitive than telco.

He says that while the industry reports that tens of thousands of people switch power provider each month, the stats include people who move to a new house and stay with their current provider.

"It really comes down to how you interpret the switching stats. When the industry says that someone has 'switched' power companies, most would assume they have changed provider, but the stats don't actually work like that - the stats recorded also include house moves."

The Electricity Authority statistics show that almost one third less people are switching their power company for their existing home compared with five years ago, despite there being a heap more choice of providers*.

But Hamilton says he supports the industry drive to get people to move power companies, or at least make sure they have the best deal.

"People aren't making the most of the price savings out there, and many don't seem to care. You chat to some people and they can't even tell you what power company they're with. There's also a really wide variation of prices and plans within each retailer, so just because you are with Genesis for example, it doesn't mean you have the same rates as your neighbour who's also a Genesis customer."

Hamilton has a clear message to power customers - make sure you are on the right user plan, and that your power company isn't ripping you off.

"I encourage everyone to call their power company, or Slingshot, today and ask if they can get a better deal - you’ll pretty quickly find you're paying too much for your power.

"At Slingshot, we want to make it easy for our customers by providing the best value broadband and power, along with the ease of having both services on one bill, plus the ability to fully manage their account online or by mobile app.

"We're doing a bill comparison for all customers over the phone, so they can be sure we're giving the best deal. A few minutes of life admin could translate into saving hundreds of dollars a year.

"If you can save a few bucks elsewhere, why not do it?" adds Hamilton.

Vocus Enters Energy Market

First acquisition in New Zealand post-merger
Mobile, landline, broadband, gas and power bundle for
Slingshot customers

Vocus New Zealand has today taken ownership of Switch Utilities Ltd, marking the company's first acquisition in New Zealand since the merger with M2 Group earlier this year.

As an innovative market leader, Vocus is the first telco in New Zealand to acquire an electricity company. Switch will continue operating under its current structure, and energy will be offered via the Vocus stable of brands, starting with Slingshot in the new year.

Competing with the top energy providers, Vocus Chief Executive New Zealand Mark Callander sees huge potential for service bundles in the New Zealand market and is confident of delivering competitive packages for Slingshot customers.

"We pride ourselves on being a challenger brand in the telco market. We will bring that same ethos to the energy market, shaking up the current offering for Kiwis. We are flexible, competitive and with the great team at Switch, we're in a strong position to offer Kiwis a one-stop-shop for their household connections.

"In the new year, Slingshot will be offering customers broadband, landline, mobile, gas and electricity – all on the same bill, with great customer service," said Callander.

Currently supplying energy to a range of businesses and households, but with a focus on apartments, schools and sports grounds, Nick Yates, CEO of Switch Utilities, sees the acquisition as a natural fit.

"While we're a relatively small player, we're excited to become a part of such a reputable company with similar values and a focus on strong customer service and excellent products. With Vocus, we will naturally expand our customer base into the consumer segment and we are confident that our existing customers will value the growth of our offering.

"We are also looking forward to extending our energy services to Vocus customers. Our team at Switch is on board and will continue business as usual," said Yates.

Callander intends for the addition of electricity to the Vocus product suite to challenge competitors in both the telco and energy industries.

"The first few months in the new year is always a busy time for telco and energy as Kiwis reconsider their providers. We hope Slingshot's new offering will be an incentive to switch. We're confident that this is a strong step in the right direction for the business and we're excited to see the response from Kiwis," said Callander.

People keen to find out more can register their interest at

Kiwi parents concerned but unprepared for dangers of online porn

Slingshot launches simple, one switch parental control

Three quarters of Kiwi parents are concerned their children may have access to online pornography, yet fewer than a third use online parental controls. New Zealand ISP Slingshot has introduced an easy online tool that blocks the darker corners of the web and helps protect Kiwi kids.

The biggest concerns parents face around internet safety was their child’s exposure to pornographic sites and ‘other’ inappropriate material, the Perceptive Research revealed. What’s more, 40% of parents think their children might attempt to access R16+ sites, while 16% have already caught their child looking at inappropriate material online.

Taryn Hamilton, General Manager of Slingshot, says all parents want to keep their kids safe online, but there’s a general lack of understanding how to. To help put parents’ minds at ease, Slingshot has launched Family Filter – an online tool that blocks inappropriate and dangerous material, like R16+ sites.

“With the simple switch of a button, Family Filter gives the control back to parents by blocking access at a network level, encompassing all devices connected to the home Wi-Fi. While we can’t bubble-wrap our kids, we can certainly put measures in place to help mitigate online risks and bring the topic to the surface,” he says.

While 90% of Kiwi parents surveyed think they have a fair idea of their child’s online behavior, only a third actually check their child’s web history and more than half of parents reported that their children access the internet from their bedroom.

“Gone are the days of having one family desktop sitting in the lounge – our children are now surfing the net across multiple devices. It’s important that all parents talk to their kids about internet safety, but thanks to services like Family Filter, we can feel a little more secure in restricting the sites our kids can access,” adds Hamilton.

Further research by Middlesex University, in June this year, found that of 1,001 UK children aged 11 to 16 years, more than half had viewed online pornography and of those, nearly 60% reported seeing online pornography for the first time at home. Interestingly, while some children chose to seek out online pornography, they were just as likely to come across it by accident.

Rebecca Daly-Peoples, Auckland based Clinical Psychologist, adds the real danger is that young people, including teenagers, often believe that what they see on the internet is real.

“Young people typically do not have the emotional and psychological capacity to process this information in healthy ways and early exposure to inappropriate sexual content can lead to premature sexualisation and unhealthy ideas about sex and relationships.

It’s important all parents have open conversations with their kids about the material they might encounter online; but it’s equally important to have a means to filter explicit and dangerous content so that kids are not coming across it by accident,” she says.

NetSafe, which provides cyber safety and security advice for New Zealand, recommends three key ways parents can help prevent children seeing online pornography: install an internet filtering programme or use a filtered internet service, teach children about good searching skills and talk to them about the images and things they may come across, and how to deal with them.

“Family Filter is available for free to all Slingshot customers for the first 12 months and can be easily accessed and activated through a Slingshot customer account. Customers can turn Family Filter on and off whenever they like, giving parents complete control over when they restrict access to R16+ sites. Switch it on when the kids get home from school and turn it off again when they go to bed,” adds Hamilton.

For more, check out Slingshot’s Family Filter FAQs.

Slingshot offers the ultimate bundle of joy for Kiwi families

Slingshot is bundling mobile plans with its unlimited data broadband plans in a bid to drive down families’ monthly communication bills.

Slingshot GM, Taryn Hamilton, says the other telcos are all well positioned to bundle broadband and mobile, but none of the big three have gone to market with a great-priced bundle.

“We were expecting 2Degrees to come out with some aggressive pricing, but they have just slipped in behind the big boys. We think our new plans will really appeal to families looking for great value broadband and mobile.

“Throughout its 14-year history, Slingshot has been committed to providing the best value and the best service, so it’s exciting for us to be able to offer a complete solution for our customers,” says Hamilton.

“Our customers have told us they not only want fast internet at home, but they expect quality mobile solutions wherever they are – all at an affordable price with great service.”

Slingshot is offering two ADSL bundled products: $89 for an unlimited broadband data and a mobile plan (500MB data, 100 minutes calling to NZ and Australia, and unlimited texts or a 1GB data-only plan), and $99 for an unlimited broadband data and homeline plan plus a mobile plan (again with 500MB data, 100 minutes calling to NZ and Australia, and unlimited texts or a 1GB data-only plan).

Slingshot is also offering bundles on VDSL and Fibre plans.

“We reckon these plans are the best ways Kiwi families can get unlimited broadband and mobile – and get them all on one bill,” he says.

Unlike traditional mobile plans, Slingshot’s are pre-pay, but are conveniently billed monthly to the customers Slingshot account.

“I know plenty of families, including my own, where kids are using iPads for learning and entertainment. With Slingshot’s mobile bundle, it’s an affordable way to keep tablets connected on the go. Parents can now be in control of all the accounts with no risk of bill shock – if the plan runs out, they can simply top it up online, or not, and the charge will just appear on their monthly bill.”

There are no contracts with any of the mobile plans, and they include rollover data.

Research from Slingshot’s customer-base suggests a third of parents are now giving their children 10 years and under a mobile phone (80 percent of parents with children 13 years and under are given a phone). The results for iPad/tablet use shows children start even earlier with 31 percent of parents giving their children six years and under access to a tablet (and 59 percent for children under 10 years).

“Our research also suggests that the majority of parents spend between $10 to $29 per month on their kids’ mobile phones, which is why the bundle will also make so much sense to Kiwi families,” he says.

Existing Slingshot customers can move to one of the bundled plans if they choose (whether they are in contract or not), or add one of four new mobile plans to their account.

There are two $19 per month plans – one data only and one data and mobile, a $25 plan and a $43 plan that includes unlimited calling, texts and 1.5GB of carry over data.

“This is an exciting time for Slingshot. We’re continuing to strive to offer Kiwis the best value, best plans and the best service, and these new bundles are testament to that,” concludes Hamilton.

Slingshot purchases Woosh customer base

Slingshot has purchased 9,000 Woosh customer contracts today.

Mark Callander, chief executive of M2 NZ, which owns Slingshot, says the acquisition of the fixed line and transitional capable wireless customers is a natural addition to the existing Slingshot business.

The customers – all of Woosh’s fixed line, and fixed line capable wireless customers – will become Slingshot customers.

“Slingshot has worked hard to become the leading ISP for service, and I’m confident that the Woosh customers will like their new home,” Callander said.

The migration of all of Woosh’s DSL and DSL capable customers will take around 90 days. Customers will be contacted directly by Woosh and Slingshot in regards to their transition.

Slingshot tops customer satisfaction again!

Slingshot has been named the best performing Broadband Provider in New Zealand for the second year in a row, according to the latest survey by consumer ratings organisation Canstar Blue.

Once again Slingshot was awarded 5 star ratings across all seven categories, including overall satisfaction, best reliability of service and best value for money.

In the highly competitive NZ broadband market Slingshot came out noticeably ahead of all the other New Zealand Telcos in the survey which canvassed 1,120 households.

Slingshot GM Taryn Hamilton says the company’s constant drive to offer new innovative products and services, combined with a dedication to strive for top customer service is the reason it won the award two years running.

“We’re big believers in loyalty, consistency and ensuring our customers always come first which is why we place huge importance, and put a lot of time into ensuring our in-house call centre is running smoothly.

“It’s also our mission to not only provide the best value Broadband in New Zealand but also provide our customers with products and features that stand out from the rest.”

In a statement Canstar General Manager Derek Bonnar said: “Slingshot has done a great job in maintaining their performance, upholding last year’s ratings with full marks across the categories from their very satisfied customers.”

The Canstar award comes on the back of a bumper year for Slingshot which included offering handy and unique services such as data only plans.

The state of the internet

TV and streaming video up, peer-to-peer sharing down, and, online shoppers turning to China.

That’s what analysis of statistics from the CallPlus network, which includes Slingshot, Orcon and Flip, and represents 15 per cent of New Zealand’s telco market, has found.

Slingshot General Manager Taryn Hamilton says one of the most interesting trends is the increase in paid streaming which directly corresponds with the decrease in peer-to-peer file sharing on the CallPlus network.

“Our statistics show that BitTorent traffic is dropping at the same rate that paid streaming is increasing, which gives an indication that people are trading piracy for paid streaming.

Other statistics from CallPlus include:

  • A quarter of Kiwi Internet traffic goes to Google and YouTube, with both websites coming out on top along with Facebook and Trade Me
  • Rapidly climbing in popularity are sites such as Netflix, BBC’s iPlayer, live gaming website, and other streaming TV services
  • The number of new customers choosing an unlimited plan doubled last year
  • While unlimited customers are still a minority, they use a large portion of overall bandwidth
  • An average unlimited fibre user consumed eight times the bandwidth of an average copper data-cap customer
  • Last year average data consumption per household increased 40% and this is certain to increase further in 2015
  • More Kiwis are importing goods direct from China, with breaking into the top 25 most popular websites list. Sites such as aliexpress, along with and, have increased in popularity because they offer free international shipping to New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Hamilton’s predictions for 2015 include:

  • The arrival of 4K streaming, although it will remain niche and there will be no need to ditch copper just yet with new compression technologies being developed which should enable 4K over copper
  • Streaming services will result in a much higher percentage of traffic served from within New Zealand due to local Content Delivery Networks
  • The number of streaming video services will increase dramatically after Netflix’s NZ launch in March
  • Dunedin will average the highest data consumption per household thanks to Gigatown
  • Unlimited data plans will become the default

When mobile data is all you ever need

Ivanah Penita doesn’t call people – ever. Okay, maybe when there’s an emergency or she needs to get hold of someone urgently she will call.

But Ivanah pretty much communicates by messaging via Facebook, Whatsapp or email.

The Auckland student is among a growing number of data only mobile phone users who communicate by messaging using their phones rather than calling.

Ivanah has been using data to communicate for two years because it is quicker, easier, and, importantly, cheaper because she’s not making expensive phone calls.

“For me it's just an easier way of communicating with people because most of my friends are on social media and they respond much quicker via Facebook or email – even quicker than texting,” she says.

Slingshot, New Zealand’s third largest ISP, has responded to this data only trend by launching a mobile plan especially for customers who only need data.

The 1GB data only plan is designed for people who do most of their messaging via apps, or for those with a second mobile device such as an iPad. And just in case, if a customer needs calling minutes or unlimited texts then these are also available as part of the plan.

Ivanah, who is not a Slingshot customer, says she is able to use her data efficiently by using it when she is out and about, but at home or at university then Wi-Fi is the best option.

Slingshot was alerted to the need for the data only plan after asking staff how they used their mobiles.

Lai Tupuola, from Slingshot, converted to data only use two years ago when his girlfriend moved to Japan.

The couple resolved that instead of expensive phone calls, and endless texts, using Facebook and chat apps was the most cost effective yet reliable way to stay in touch.

“All I need is mobile data or a Wi-Fi hotspot and I can send countless messages without the charges,” he says.

Slingshot GM Taryn Hamilton says globally mobile data traffic grew 83 per cent last year and this growth is reflected in Slingshot’s customer usage patterns with data use doubling every 18-months across both home broadband and mobile plans.

“We’re entering a new era of mobile use. We’re seeing people drop calling and texting in favour of cheaper and easier ways to communicate.”

“It’s a trend driven by younger users – but is increasingly becoming mainstream. We’ve responded with an innovative plan that allows users to buy lots of data at a decent price.”

Slingshot’s $19 a month mobile plan features 1GB of data. Users can text and call on casual rates if they choose.

Slingshot website a winner

Slingshot’s website, designed by digital agency Gladeye, has won Best in Class at the Interactive Media Awards, beating more than 60 other entrants in the telecommunications category.

The Best in Class award is the highest honour given out by the IMAs, with only a small number of websites achieving the status each year.

Websites are scored using five criteria, with a score from 0-100 awarded for each. The Slingshot website scored 488 out of 500, with perfect 100s for content and feature functionality, as well as 98 for design, 97 for usability, and 93 for standards compliance.

The IMA’s said the Slingshot website represented the very best in planning, execution and overall professionalism.

“In order to win this award level, [Slingshot’s website] had to successfully pass through our comprehensive judging process, achieving very high marks in each of our judging criteria - an achievement only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition earn each year.”

Slingshot general manager Taryn Hamilton says the Best in Class award is confirmation that the re-launch of the website earlier this year had been a huge success. Since launch, the website has increased online conversions by 250% and reduced cost of acquisition by 70%.

“We wanted to make the site the best and easiest to use in class, and it’s great to get recognition for what we think is the slickest broadband sign-up process around.”

“We have a clear mandate at Slingshot, and that is to focus on making customers happy through great service, great prices and easy processes. This is just the first step in a brand evolution to make Slingshot the country’s leading broadband provider.”

Gladeye Managing Director Tarver Graham says his design team worked to reduce the pain points that caused people to drop out of the signup process. “We worked closely with Slingshot’s BAs, tech and customer support teams to launch a site that’s as efficient as possible. I’m really happy with the results we’ve seen so far, but we’ll keep optimising to stay on top.”

Consumers want answers, yet companies fail to Front Up

New Zealanders are paying a premium for products but the companies who set the prices either don’t care or are refusing to justify their mark ups, according to

Big name companies, including Fonterra, Apple, and Nike, were asked by Frontup to explain the excessive prices Kiwis pay for the goods and services they provide, but all three failed to respond.

While the likes of Samsung, Steinlager and NZ Beef and Lamb did respond, of the almost 30 products and services reviewed in the past three weeks on the website, the majority of companies targeted did not take the opportunity of a right of reply., which is written by a team of independent journalists and backed by Kiwi-owned ISP Slingshot, reviews the price of goods, compares the price to other countries, and then asks brands and companies to explain themselves by “fronting up” to give their reasoning for the premium cost of the product.

Slingshot general manager Taryn Hamilton says it’s clear from the hundreds of comments and responses on the Front Up Facebook page that consumers want answers about why they are paying so much.

“It’s just a shame most businesses couldn’t be bothered to respond, or seemingly don’t care about the high prices consumers are paying for their products.

“But probably the biggest reason these companies don’t want to front up is because there is no excuse for the higher prices New Zealanders pay compared to people overseas.”

The price of milk was one of the most startling cost differentials, with Fonterra’s Dairy Dale brand costing $1.70 per litre. In US a litre of milk costs the equivalent of NZ$1.20 and in Britain NZ$0.86. This is after taking into consideration our GST and exchange rate differences.

Fonterra, New Zealand’s biggest company, made contact only after stories about Frontup’s investigations, including the price of milk, were highlighted in a Sunday newspaper story and on TV One’s Breakfast. However, it didn’t follow through with a written response and justification for its prices.

Other examples of sky high Kiwi prices include:

  • Nikes - $220 in NZ, equivalent of NZ$131 in US
  • Sunglasses - $274.90 in NZ, equivalent of NZ$185.00 in US
  • iTunes (NZers pay 35% more for same music as Americans)
  • Lipstick ($19.99 at Warehouse, equivalent of NZ$6.65 in US)

Hamilton says consumers should continue the cost conversation that has been sparked by Front Up and make companies more accountable – and ultimately force them to front up.

“The goal of Front Up was to make sure Kiwis are treated fairly, and charged fair prices. That’s clearly not happening and now it’s time for the consumer to take the price they pay for goods and services into their own hands.”

He says there are a number of ways to do this, including everything from buying direct and importing goods from overseas, to contacting retailers and importers, local MPs, and Consumer Affairs Minister, Craig Foss, to complain.

“People don’t need to take the sticker price of an item as being what they have to pay. Everything is negotiable. Haggle and barter with retailers because they would rather have a lesser margin than not have a sale at all.”

Time to Front Up on inflated NZ prices

The excessive prices Kiwi consumers pay for many products and services compared to what they cost overseas is the focus of new website

Written by a team of independent journalists, reviews the price of goods, compares the price to other countries, and then asks brands and companies to explain themselves by “fronting up” to give their reasoning for the premium cost of the product.

Consumers can have their say about whether the company’s pricing argument stands up by clicking “Yeah” or “Nah”, and then comment via Facebook and Twitter about the cost and quality of the product.

Front Up covers a wide range of goods and services, including everything from Apple’s iPhone 5S, Sony Playstation 4 and Windows 8.1, through to consumer staples such as bread, milk and coffee.

And with the current construction boom and New Zealand’s DIY obsession, Front Up also casts a critical eye over the price of products such as glass and plasterboard.

“The goal of Front Up is simple – to make sure Kiwis are treated fairly, and charged fair prices,” says Slingshot General Manager Taryn Hamilton.

“There might be a good reason for the high price, but I’m picking most of the time there won’t be. We might be a small country tucked down in the far corner of the world but that doesn’t mean we should be taken advantage of and asked to pay excessive prices for things like Nikes or even basics such as bread and milk.”

Front Up will be updated every week with new products. Its current reviews include:

  • iPhone 5S – New Zealanders pay $161 more than US consumers
  • Sony Playstation 4 – $100 more than in the US

Milk – Fonterra’s Dairy Dale brand – is $1.70 per litre. In US a litre of milk costs the equivalent of NZ$1.20 and in Britain NZ$0.86. This is even after taking into consideration our GST and exchange rate differences.

When Samsung was asked to Front Up with its reasoning for its Galaxy S5 costing $150 more than in the US, it responded by saying while the company’s New Zealand wholesale prices are comparable with those in other markets, local retailers need to factor in other costs.

“These include things like import duties, goods and services taxes, as well as installation and service policies, marketing promotions, competitiveness, retail channels and logistics,” said the company statement.

Hamilton says the idea for Front Up came about because the team at Slingshot wanted to know why Kiwis seemingly paid more for things than people in other countries.

“We believe it’s important to give consumers transparency, but to also put pressure on big name brands and companies that sell these products to justify these prices properly for consumers.”

Buy Broadband with Bitcoin

Today, Slingshot is offering savvy Kiwi web users the chance to pay their broadband bill with Bitcoin.

Slingshot GM Taryn Hamilton says it’s another unique service that Slingshot wanted to offer its customers.

He believes the Bitcoin option will appeal to the small, but passionate Bitcoin user base.

“We’re a web company, so it seems fitting to accept the world’s premier web currency, and we’re always looking to improve our service and offer our customers access to top notch products.”

Slingshot customers can find the Bitcoin link in the My Account section alongside the company’s more traditional payment options – cash, cheque, bank transfer, and credit card.

Payment will be taken at the current Bitcoin to NZD exchange rate and the customer’s account marked as paid.

The transactions will be processed by a third party – Bitpay, with no Bitcoins being held by Slingshot.

Slingshot believes it’s the largest New Zealand company to accept Bitcoin.

“The popularity of Bitcoin continues to rise and you can now even purchase them from Bitcoin ATMs like the one located Inside the Mr Barber shop at 360 Queen Street,” says Hamilton.

The practice is also growing in popularity overseas, with more than 30,000 business and charities – including Virgin Galactic and Wordpress – accepting Bitcoin payments.

As well as its market leading broadband prices, including its $89 Unlimited plan, Slingshot has a range of other innovative products such as Rollover Data which adds significant value to its customers.

Slingshot’s seven day moving house guarantee

If you are moving house, Slingshot is guaranteeing your internet will be ready to go by the time you move in. Because let’s face it, when you’re up to your neck in boxes, and lugging fridges and washing machines around, the last thing you want to think about is whether your broadband has been connected.

If you are moving house, Slingshot is guaranteeing your internet will be ready to go by the time you move in.

Because let’s face it, when you’re up to your neck in boxes, and lugging fridges and washing machines around, the last thing you want to think about is whether your Broadband has been connected.

Under the company’s new 7 Day Moving House Guarantee, all existing and new customers have to do is give seven days notice that they are moving and Slingshot will guarantee their Broadband is up and running at the new address.

And if it’s not, then the price you pay for your monthly base plan will be free for the first two months in your new home*.

Slingshot GM Taryn Hamilton says many peoples’ experience of moving house has been spoiled by long delays getting their internet connected and the endless excuses some company’s offer for it not working.

“It shouldn’t be like that, especially because Broadband is such a fundamental part of peoples’ lives these days. It should be an easy transition and really, it should just happen.

“This guarantee is all about easing the hassle of moving house, because it’s stressful enough as it is. And besides, just imagine not being able to order pizza online or find out where the nearest bottle store is on Google maps after a long, hard day moving furniture and unpacking boxes.”

The new guarantee is open to existing customers and those wanting to join Slingshot if they are moving address.

The 7 Day Moving House Guarantee is another example of Slingshot’s commitment to customer service and testament to its standing as the best performing broadband provider in New Zealand. Earlier this year the company won the “Most Satisfied Customers” award in a survey by consumer ratings organisation Canstar Blue.

As well as its market leading broadband prices, including its $89 Unlimited plan, Slingshot has a range of innovative products such as Rollover Data which adds significant value to its customers.

*Terms and conditions apply - click here for details.

Unlimited Broadband price war heats up

Slingshot has dropped the price of its unlimited broadband plans by $10 to $89 a month for ADSL and Ultra-Fast Broadband plans. The move undercuts new entrants to the unlimited market, Spark and Vodafone, and reaffirms Slingshot’s dedication to leading the market. Slingshot has dropped the price of its unlimited broadband plans by $10 to $89 a month for ADSL and Ultra-Fast Broadband plans.

The move undercuts new entrants to the unlimited market, Spark and Vodafone, and reaffirms Slingshot’s dedication to leading the market.

Slingshot has been offering unlimited plans for more than two years, and the late entrance of Vodafone and Spark highlights their slowness to respond to consumer need, says Slingshot GM Taryn Hamilton.

“Slingshot’s unlimited customers have been benefiting from data bill certainty and the freedom to do what they want online for a couple of years now so Spark and Vodafone are a little late to the party.

“The cynic in me says the big boys have known that people want to go unlimited, but have waited until the last possible moment to introduce these plans – in the same week and at the same price mind you – as they maximise their profits in the meantime.”

Slingshot’s unlimited broadband plan is its most popular plan for new customers and an example of the company’s focus on delivering not only great prices but innovative products and services.

“Our aim is to give customers the best value unlimited broadband service in New Zealand so they can do everything they need to do online without being restricted by the amount of data they are using,” says Hamilton.

The new price also reinforces Slingshot’s standing as the best performing broadband provider in New Zealand after winning the “Most Satisfied Customers” award in a survey earlier this year by consumer ratings organisation Canstar Blue.

Slingshot received an unprecedented 5 star rating across all seven broadband categories, including value for money, speed, and overall satisfaction.

On top of its competitively priced broadband plans, Slingshot also has a range of other innovative products such as Rollover Data which adds significant value to its customers.

Slingshot doesn’t throttle peer to peer traffic on its unlimited plan.

Slingshot tops customer satisfaction in NZ!

Slingshot has been named the best performing Broadband Provider in New Zealand, according to a recent nationwide survey by consumer ratings organisation Canstar Blue. Slingshot was awarded the “Most Satisfied Customers” for Broadband award after the recent survey of 1,095 households. They were not only the clear winner but also received an unprecedented 5 star ratings across all seven categories, including overall satisfaction, value for money and speed.

Slingshot has been named the best performing Broadband Provider in New Zealand, according to a recent nationwide survey by consumer ratings organisation Canstar Blue.

Slingshot was awarded the “Most Satisfied Customers” for Broadband award after the recent survey of 1,095 households. They were not only the clear winner but also received an unprecedented 5 star ratings across all seven categories, including overall satisfaction, value for money and speed.

In the highly competitive local broadband market Slingshot beat off all other Telco’s across the country to grab the overall prize.

Slingshot GM Taryn Hamilton believes Slingshot’s drive towards delivering innovative products and services, at the same time as striving for exceptional customer service, made them a clear front runner for the award.

“Our aim is to not only give customers the best value Broadband services in New Zealand, but also provide them with additional features, products and customer service that really improves their online experience.”

Over the course of the last 12 months Slingshot has launched a range of products and services that have been widely applauded by consumers, as well as setting about to create one of the best customer service experiences in New Zealand. Its ongoing commitment to invest in local call centre staff has underpinned this.

On top of this, Innovative releases like Rollover Data have added significant value for Slingshot customers and made Slingshot stand out as an industry leader.

More information on the awards can be found here

On top of its competitively priced broadband plans, Slingshot also has a range of other innovative products such as Rollover Data which adds significant value to its customers.

Slingshot doesn’t throttle peer to peer traffic on its unlimited plan.

Changes to Credit Reporting Practices

Slingshot is making significant changes to our credit reporting practices.

On 1 April 2012, changes to credit reporting privacy code came into effect. These changes affect the way credit information is shared with credit reporting agencies.

Before 1 April 2012 only negative information, such as defaults and bad debt, could be held on credit file, which made it hard for some people to access credit. The above changes to the code mean that from now on both negative and positive information will be held by credit reporting agencies. This will help people prove their credit worthiness and for those who once had credit difficulties, to show how they have recovered and restored their credit value.

From now on Slingshot will be supplying its customer’s credit information to credit reporting agencies on a monthly basis. This information may be held by the credit reporting agency for up to 2 years.

Slingshot will also share the following with credit reporting agencies: information to ensure that those agencies are able to accurately identify individuals, information about an individual’s credit accounts (such as type of accounts and amount of credit), information relating to the circumstances of any credit default, and information about credit non-compliance action.

Customers’ rights in relation to their credit information are set out in schedule 4 of the credit reporting privacy code. For more information, visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s website.

If you have any questions around this, please give our Finance Team a call on 0800 892 733. The finance department is open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Slingshot’s Ultra-Fast Broadband prices to shake up industry

Slingshot launches its aggressively priced Ultra-Fast Broadband plans today in a move to drive the sort of uptake that the Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative needs and deserves. At the end of September only 14, 000 of the over 320,000 users who were able to connect had done so, a very disappointing result says Slingshot General Manager Taryn Hamilton.

Slingshot launches its aggressively priced Ultra-Fast Broadband plans today in a move to drive the sort of uptake that the Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative needs and deserves.

At the end of September only 14, 000 of the over 320,000 users who were able to connect had done so, a very disappointing result says Slingshot General Manager Taryn Hamilton.

“The UFB initiative is extremely important for the NZ economy and Kiwi taxpayers are investing an enormous amount.” says Hamilton.

“Ultra-Fast Broadband is set to revolutionise the way people live their lives and companies do business, but it won’t deliver anything unless people get behind it. We want all households and businesses to grab the opportunity as soon as the network is available to them.”

Slingshot today launches Ultra-Fast Broadband plans starting from just $69 per month (including Homeline) - making it the cheapest residential Fibre plan in the country.

“We want to drive as much demand as possible by launching the best value residential Fibre plans in the country.”

Along with the $69 Ultra-Fibre plan (up to 30Mbps downloads) there are a range of other options including Unlimited for $99. The Ultra-Fibre Pro plans (up to 100Mbps downloads) range from $99 to $139.

There are also a stack of other great features included at no extra cost such as Rollover Data.

Slingshot also launches its Ultra-VDSL plans today, a no fuss Broadband upgrade which gives customers that can’t yet access Fibre much faster speeds and greater capacity than standard broadband. Prices start from $84 for a 40GB bundle and also include an Unlimited plan for $109.

Slingshot playing the advantage for EPL fans

Locally owned telecommunications company, Slingshot, believes yesterday’s announcement by Coliseum Sports Media Management is fantastic news for the New Zealand market and individual content consumers.

Mark Callander, Chief Executive Officer of Slingshot, says New Zealanders have been waiting far too long for these types of OTT content services that are common throughout the rest of the world. Broadband services have improved considerably over the last five years and the technology is ready to be leveraged.

“This bold move by Coliseum to secure the rights for online streaming of the EPL highlights what Kiwis have been missing out on due to the tightly controlled access and availability of such content, to the detriment of the New Zealand public.”

Slingshot will proudly support this move by not charging customers for data usage when they subscribe and watch EPL matches via Coliseum.

“Our customers will enjoy high quality streaming of EPL matches without having to worry about their monthly data caps which is a massive benefit to all our customers throughout the country,

“We look forward to meeting with Coliseum and discussing how we can contribute to the on-going success of this exciting initiative.” concludes Callander.

Slingshot Fibre connects Kiwis to Ultra-Fast Broadband

Slingshot is once again leading the telco industry as one of the first providers in New Zealand to connect customers to the new Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) network.

Slingshot already offers its customers some of the biggest broadband data plans in the country, and is strengthening its offering with UFB internet speeds up to 10 times faster than that of traditional copper lines.

Slingshot’s Chief Executive, Mark Callander, says that their commitment to providing high speed broadband to New Zealanders will forever change the way we use the internet.

“We believe that high speed internet is a game changer in terms of the way we use the internet and the opportunities it opens up in both the personal and commercial space. For this reason, Slingshot will continue to invest heavily in the UFB network and the future of New Zealand’s broadband services. We want our customers to enjoy the benefits of high speed fibre without worrying about the cost.”

Slingshot fibre is exceedingly fast, delivering speeds up to 100Mbps. The new fibre plans, which come with a homeline and broadband, also include a number of freebies, from free voicemail, call waiting, to a do-not-disturb function.

Another New Zealand first being unveiled as part of the introduction to UFB is Slingshot’s new data rollover feature, which sees any unused data each month rolled over into the next – ensuring all Slingshot customers get every cent of value out of their internet package.

Callander is excited about the possibilities that UFB is bringing all New Zealanders.

“Fibre at this speed changes your entire experience on the internet. Whether you’re sharing holiday videos and photos with family, video calling friends overseas or streaming online TV and movies, it all becomes instantaneous. It is the next progression of connectivity in this country and as we begin to move forward into faster speeds and bigger data caps it can only be a good thing.”

“It’s an exciting time. Our first fibre customer is now connected and up and running with great speeds and we will be connecting with all of our customers to keep them up to date on when Fibre will be landing in their neighbourhood and how they can get started.” concludes Callander.

Free wireless router and standard installation on a 24-month contract.

*Customers on TURBO plans can expect 3-4 times faster experience at peak times when downloading content from international web sites when compared to non-TURBO plans (which are still very fast). Peak usage times are typically in the evenings from 6pm-10pm. All TURBO plans have higher throughput for downloading from international web sites to ensure a more consistent and better experience at all times of the day. If this is important to you, we recommend you select a TURBO plan.

To find out more about Slingshot Fibre pricing and being part of the future of broadband register your interest here.

Slingshot first ISP to unmeter Quickflix, more unmetering planned!

Despite already offering NZ’s biggest broadband data plans, Slingshot is establishing a range of content partnerships so even more internet content can be ‘unmetered’ for its customers.

Taking the lead ahead of all other ISPs, Slingshot is today announcing itself as the first ISP to unmeter NZ's newest online movie subscription service, Quickflix.

“It is great to see new business models emerging with players such as Quickflix and Spotify now focusing on the NZ market. This is good for competition and consumer choice in the longer term, and even better for Slingshot’s customers who can access this content for free.”

Callander continues “By extending our free data policy to Quickflix, Slingshot is playing a very important role in the delivery of this service and most ISPs will probably follow suit. Given the relatively low monthly data caps in NZ compared with overseas, customers could very quickly hit their monthly limit and incur additional charges - we don’t want our Slingshot customers to have to worry about data caps and it is time we caught up with the rest of the world.”

Quickflix CEO Chris Taylor said "We applaud the decision by Slingshot to unmeter our service. In doing so, Slingshot has identified the appeal and likely uptake of services like ours, and want to ensure their customers can enjoy the benefits of Quickflix without concern for their data caps. In the current environment, access to premium zero-rated content will be a key consideration for consumers when choosing their ISP."

Callander concluded “the United States has for some time enjoyed subscription-based online movies and TV shows on services such as Netflix, which now accounts for 30% of all online data traffic in the USA. Until now, we have been deprived of access to such services and we are delighted to be a part of this emerging content market in NZ."

Slingshot Unbundles 100 Exchanges Nationwide

Slingshot has New Zealand’s fastest growing unbundled Local Loop Network (LLU), aptly named the Better Network. Since 2010 they have unbundled over 100 exchanges from Whangarei to Invercargill making them the largest provider of LLU in the country.

Slingshot is committed to ensuring New Zealander’s have a choice. Over the last 18 months the company invested millions of dollars to install the infrastructure and hardware required to deliver its innovative services over the Better Network throughout the country.

75% of Slingshot’s LLU exchanges have been installed outside of Auckland. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to all of New Zealand, particularly in the regions that have been under served for years.

CEO Mark Callander says “the Better Network is unique because it enables Slingshot to provide extremely competitive prices and enhanced services for its customers, including faster broadband speeds and an improved overall experience. This is due to the end to end control of the service from a performance perspective.”

Mark Callander says “We are in full control of the network deployment and it has been designed to eliminate the bottlenecks that have frustrated customers for years. We’ve made a big investment so our customers benefit from unconstrained broadband speeds. This has involved doubling our international capacity along with a significant investment in local and national backhaul. As a result, we’re proud to offer our customers some of the best speeds in the country.”

In addition to broadband, unlike the other Telco’s Slingshot’s Better Network bundles provide customers with a cheaper homeline service with rich features automatically included. Customers can enjoy over 20 smart phone features absolutely free and these cost $25 or more for similar services from other Telco’s. The Better Network means that Slingshot can provide additional value for its customers.

Mark Callander says “with over 30% of our customers already on our network we are committed to reaching 50% within the next 6-8 months. This is a fantastic opportunity for as many New Zealanders as possible to experience better homeline and broadband at affordable prices, so they should check it out today.”

CallPlus and Slingshot target the Mobile market

CallPlus and Slingshot are switching to Spark Wholesale CallPlus and Slingshot are switching to Spark Wholesale to provide its customers with faster, flexible and more competitive mobile services through the Spark 3G Network.

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), CallPlus and Slingshot had previously used Vodafone, however a review of the service offering by Spark has prompted the decision to change.

Mark Callander, CEO of the CallPlus Group, says the decision was driven by the need to ensure both the business and residential arms of the group were providing its customers with a mobile network that kept pace with technology and innovation while maintaining price competitiveness.

“This decision allows both brands the flexibility to offer customers great value and a compelling mobile proposition in all market segments, including prepay, residential, SME and corporate.”

“The use of Smartphones has grown dramatically in the last couple of years and they are now an essential tool for many people. The Spark network is designed for Smartphones and moving mobile data around the country at ultra-fast speeds.”

According to independent research* the Spark XT network in Central Auckland has the best download and upload speed for users accessing the web on their mobile phones.

“We have some big ambitions for driving growth in mobile services over the next few years and we believe the Spark Wholesale team is the right partner to help us achieve these goals. Soon we’ll be able to offer even better data plans and we will also be launching some new Smartphone and group data packages,” says Callander.

In the coming weeks both CallPlus and Slingshot will be contacting all their customers to explain the transition to the Spark Network and the benefits it will bring to their mobile services.

“Our aim is to make the move as seamless as possible for our customers and we believe that once they experience the benefits of the Spark mobile network they will be pleased we made the decision to change,” concludes Callander.

CallPlus and Slingshot give Auckland City and its Rugby World Cup visitors FREE Wi-Fi

CallPlus and Slingshot this week announced that they are providing a free Wi-Fi service to the city of Auckland for the duration of the Rugby World Cup.

As CallPlus CEO Mark Callander says, “this is our contribution to the city of Auckland. We want to help showcase Auckland as a great place to do business by making it quick and easy to get connected. It takes just one click to use our free service and it does not require tokens, apply time restrictions or have a complicated sign up process.”

“Our visitors must get convenient access to the internet to keep in touch with family and friends, and most importantly avoid paying excessive mobile roaming charges. With average global roaming prices at $10 per Mb, 1GB of usage would cost a user $10,000 – that makes for an expensive holiday!”

“Many visitors will have a smart mobile device which are becoming very popular and we are committed to helping them make the most of this technology. We have deployed almost half of the planned 1,000 hot spots within the coverage area of the Auckland Central Business District, the Viaduct, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay and Freemans Bay.”

"Callander continues “the Wi-Fi access points have been offered to all bars, restaurants, hotels, motels and any place where large numbers of people are expected to meet. If any business located in these coverage areas would like to offer an obligation free Wi-Fi service, simply go to and request Wi-Fi hot spot. It is simply plug and play.”

“We are seeing very quick uptake with over 50Gb of traffic per day on the network which is amazing, but it is a reflection of how easy the service is to use. All people have to do is click on the ‘CallPlus Rugby Supporters’ or ‘Slingshot Rugby Supporters’ and you’re away. Give it a go.”

“The service is being delivered over our own 4G Wireless network so it is independent of other initiatives designed to provide a similar service. This is great for Auckland and its visitors and should result in a positive customer experience that should spread to their friends and family around the world.”

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