Plus we have some cool extra stuff

  • Awesome Mobile Bundles

    Get one of our great value new mobile plans on any Slingshot Broadband plan... or sign up to Unlimited Broadband and save $9 a month on mobile.

    Click here for more info

  • Rollover Data
    At Slingshot, we think it’s only fair that you get to keep any unused data from month to month. With Rollover, each month your unused data rolls over to the next month, and builds up over the year.
  • Modem
    Get a wireless modem for just $20 (+P&P) on all 12 month plans. Or get it free on all 24 month plans.
  • Cool Landline App

    Sign up for Naked broadband and get our GoTalk App.

    It lets you make calls at landline rates from your mobile phone

Is Unlimited

Absolutely! Our Unlimited plan is our most popular, and it’s easy to see why. There are no data limits, you can stream, download and surf like crazy. And, because it’s unlimited, you’ll never get a nasty data bill, or be slowed down when you go over you cap.

P.S. In the past, some telco’s unlimited plans have throttled speeds. We don’t do that at all. Unlimited speeds are the same as the speeds on capped plans.


What is Slingshot Mobile?
Check out our great new mobile plans and get all the info you need at
How long does it take to get Slingshot broadband?
Please allow five to ten working days to get up and running. We'll try and do it faster than that if we can!
How much does it cost to install?
Installs are normally free. However sometimes a $52 install fee will apply for a new connection.
When does my Rollover data expire?
Your Rollover data will only expire after 12 months. For example, if you had 10GB of unused data at the end of this month it’ll roll over into the next… and keep doing so until you use it up or it expires in a year’s time.
Will Slingshot be faster than my old provider?
We work hard to make sure our customers get awesome speeds - check out what independent speed tester Truenet has to say about us at
Is your Call Centre NZ Based?
It sure is! Slingshot’s call centre is based in our HQ in Auckland.