Paying your Slingshot Bill? Easy!

At Slingshot we offer heaps of great options to help you pay your bill on time and as easily as possible.

We want monthly payments to be simple for all Slingshot customers. Choose one of our easy Credit Card or Direct Debit payment options to make paying your bills automated and hassle free every month.

If for any reason you think that you will be unable to settle your overdue account, please contact our Finance Team on 0800 89 2733

Credit Card

This is the fastest and easiest way to pay your Slingshot Account. It is also the quickest way to resolve any outstanding payments and make sure we get your services back up and running as soon as possible. Immediate payments can be made online or by calling 0800 89 2027.

To change your payment method to Credit Card simple login to: My Account > Services > Change Payment Method.

Direct Debit

Setting up Direct Debit Payments at Slingshot is easy and is one of the best ways to avoid your account going into arrears. If you would like to setup a Direct Debit payment with Slingshot you can either call us on 0800 89 2027 and we will send one out to you or you can print off an online form in My Account.

If your account is in arrears we would recommend making a Credit Card payment to get your services reactivated as quickly as possible.

Internet Banking

To make paying your bill that little bit easier online you can also setup Slingshot as a regular form of payment on your internet banking.

NB: When making an online payment please ensure your Slingshot account number is used as a reference.

Slingshot’s bank details are as follows:

Account Number:

Westpac & NZ Post

This will ensure you get back up and running quickly, although we would recommend setting up a Credit Card or Direct Debit to manage your future payments.

If you make a payment in either a Westpac branch or an NZ Post shop, payment is received by us the next working day. Please ensure you take your Slingshot invoice with you when you make an over the counter payment.

For any further information on Payment Methods, or how we can help you settle your account, please contact our Finance Team on 0800 89 2733.