Three-quarters of Kiwi parents are concerned their children may have access to online pornography, yet fewer than a third use online parental controls. We’ve introduced an easy tool that helps block the more unsavoury corners of the web and helps protect Kiwi kids.

Family Filter can be toggled on and off as you wish in My Slingshot and covers all devices connected to the home Wi-Fi or modem.

When Family Filter is ON it protects your family against:

  • R16+ sites, pornography, and nudity
  • Known hacked or infected websites
  • Dating, drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco sites
  • Websites about hacking, dark web, and other illegal activity
  • Suicide and self-harm sites

Please note: We cannot guarantee that we block 100% of the above content, but we try our best, and block the vast majority.

Family Filter is free for the first 12 months, and just $5 a month after that.

Visit our help page to find out more.