Wiring Insurance is an option that guarantees a qualified technician will fix any phone and broadband wiring in your house should your wiring go bung. It happens a bit, especially in older homes.

The cost of repairing internal wiring can often come as a surprise to many customers. Wiring Insurance removes this risk for just $3.95 per month.

Wiring Insurance covers the cost of parts and labour for any repairs.

Customers who do not have Wiring Insurance with Slingshot are responsible for all repair costs incurred. Customers can either arrange for a technician themselves or Slingshot can arrange this for them. Regardless of Slingshot’s involvement in arranging a technician, Slingshot is in no part responsible or liable for any costs incurred.

What is covered by Wiring Insurance?

  • Interference on your phone line or the line not working.
  • Broadband faults such as frequent disconnections to the broadband service or a loss of broadband connection.
  • Internal wall wiring including copper wiring (BT), Ethernet cabling (Cat6 and Cat5) and RJ45 sockets.
  • If after install a splitter becomes faulty the cost of repair or replacement will be covered.

What is not covered by Wiring Insurance?

  • Wiring from the jack point inside the house, this includes wiring connecting your devices such as modems and computers.
  • Changes that are not related to a fault, such as moving, adding or changing sockets.
  • Repairs to wiring or sockets that have not been installed to Spark specifications PTC 101 (Spark Permit to Connect: General Conditions) and PTC 103 (Spark Code of Practice for Residential-Type Customer Premises Wiring).
  • External cabling between your home and another building on your property.
  • Residential customers with wiring damage caused by natural disasters. This is usually covered by insurance policies.
  • Repairing damage caused by building alterations, refurbishments or vandalism.
  • Faults proven to be a result of a customer’s home equipment such as telephone handset, DSL filters, patch cords or broadband modems. Any upgrades to old home wiring where ADSL signals cause interference to the customer’s radio.
  • Set-up of a new broadband connection and wiring at a new or existing home.
  • The purchase and installation of a splitter.
  • Broadband performance issues are not covered under this product.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us