Slingshot has loads of awesomely-great value calling plans that come as standard when you sign up for broadband and homeline. And, for even better value, you can add calling packs (super handy if you have friends and family down the line, or overseas).

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National Calling Packs

  • Unlimited National Landline Calling

    $5 /month

    Unlimited landline-to-landline calling anywhere in New Zealand.

  • 1000 Landline To Mobile Minutes $15

    15 /month

    1000 minutes of calling to any mobile network in New Zealand.

International Calling Packs

You need to know

Calls are charged per minute or part thereof. Any unused minutes will not carry across to the next month. Includes calls made any time of the day or night. Calls to mobiles are excluded unless specifically stated. If the 100 hour limit is exceeded, our standard per-minute rates will apply until more minutes are allocated after your bill date. We reserve the right to disconnect or charge our standard per-minute rates if activity is inconsistent with normal residential usage patterns and excludes activities such as auto-dialling, continuous call-forwarding, telemarketing, call centres, fax or voicemail broadcasting. The service must not be re-sold. Only applies to Slingshot direct-dial calling.