Mobile Add-ons and Rates

Mobile add-ons and standard rate services will be charged on your next bill.

If you’ve joined us before April 30 2023 and have not been moved to the 2degrees mobile platform, your roaming rates can be found here. Those joining after April 30 should refer to 2degrees rate here

Mobile Data

All our mobile plans include worry free data which means we won’t let you use mobile data at expensive standard rates. This is so you can use your data without worrying about occurring any surprise charges appearing on your next bill.

If you use all your plan data, you will need to buy one of the below data packs to keep using data. To purchase a pack, visit MyMobile.

12GB National Data


12GB NZ data

Lasts six months

15GB National Data


15GB NZ data

Lasts one month

1GB National Data


1GB NZ data

Lasts one month

500MB National Data


500MB NZ data

Lasts one month


Voice Calls, SMS (Text), MMS (Picture Message)

  1. The standard rates table below applies if your current plan, packs or extras don't contain the allowance type or if you've used up all your allocation.
  2. All rates are inclusive of GST.
  3. Based on using your mobile in NZ
  4. Standard rates for Australia do not include Australian External Territories (including Norfolk Island)

Voice Calls

Charged per minute; part minutes are rounded up to the next whole minute.

Voice calls to any New Zealand Mobile & Landline
Voice calls to any Australian Mobile & Landline
Voice call to mobiles and landlines in Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, China, India, Fiji
Voice call to the rest of the world
Voice call to 018 national directory services
Call to 0868 (Paging service)
Calls to 0800 and 0508 numbers
Emergency services
*555 Police Communications Centre

International Calling Add-On

Add-on works for selected destinations only and lasts one month.

$10 International Chat Pack


300 minutes for international landline and selected mobiles

Lasts one month

Things to know


SMS (Text) & MMS (Picture Message)

  1. SMS is a text message up to 160 plain characters
  2. MMS is generally a Picture/Video message up to 300KB but can also include messages which contain emojis, exceed 160 characters or are sent to multiple recipients because some handsets are configured by handset manufacturers to send such messages as MMS and not SMS
  3. Premium SMS services are provided by third parties and not 2degrees. Please refer to your agreement with your premium SMS supplier for applicable rates.

SMS to any NZ or Australian mobile
SMS to ROW Mobile
MMS to any mobile
Premium SMS
Check with Premium SMS Supplier

Other Standard Rates

Telecom Meet Me 083032
Telecom Meet Me Collect 083033
Telecom Voicemail 083210
Satellite calls (IRIDIUM or INMARSAT)
Satellite texts (IRIDIUM or INMARSAT)
$2.00 per text
Calls to Scott Base Antarctica (+64240)

Overseas Roaming

As a Slingshot customer you get access to 2degrees roaming allowing you to use your plan in over 100 destinations worldwide. Check here for more details