Fibre Broadband

Whether you’re streaming TV or just browsing the web, fibre is the best way to access the internet. With blazingly fast speeds and greater reliability than traditional broadband, it’s perfect for households of all sizes.

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Our most affordable fibre plan. Ideal if you’re after a solid broadband connection but don’t need heaps of data.

150GB of broadband data
Fast speeds up to 100Mbps download / 20Mbps upload
Free modem rental and standard installation





Experience fibre broadband with no data limits and never worry about going over your cap again.

Unlimited broadband data
Fast speeds up to 100Mbps download / 20Mbps upload
Free modem rental and standard installation

Unlimited Gigantic




The fastest plan we’ve ever offered. Perfect for households with lots of devices or you just fancy having the quickest connection.

Unlimited broadband data
Super-fast speeds up to 900Mbps download / 450Mbps upload
Free modem rental and standard installation
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12-month term applies to all broadband plans
Deals cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

Want two months' Free Broadband?

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Terms apply. Early termination and modem delivery fees apply.

Terms & conditions:

  • Offer valid for new Slingshot customers only.
  • Not available with any other offers.
  • An early termination fee for your broadband service of $199 for ADSL/VDSL and $250 for Fibre applies if you cancel broadband during your 12- or 24-month contract.
  • One-off modem shipping fee of $14.95 (incl. GST) applies.
  • Slingshot standard terms and conditions apply.
  • Full terms available at terms.
  • Up to $200 free power in a month - credit must be redeemed in the first month of being a customer. This will display on your bill as a power credit up to the value of $200. If you remove Slingshot Power within 12-months there will be a clawback equal to the value of your free power (up to $200).
  • One year’s free mobile plan - redeemed over 12 months at $25/month. This will display on your bill as two monthly mobile credits, one for $5/month and one for $20/month. If you remove Slingshot Mobile at any time during the 12-month contract you will lose both the $5/month mobile credit and the $20/month mobile credit applied to your plan.
  • Two months' free broadband applies to your base broadband price only.

Why Fibre?

The government (therefore you, the taxpayer) is funding the rollout of fibre through the Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative. Fibre is the best way to connect to the web. If you can get fibre at your place, you really should. Fibre is faster, more reliable, and all around great. Even if you aren’t a heavy internet user, you’ll enjoy the benefits of fibre. Plus standard installs are free at the moment – but this won’t last forever, so you should get it installed as soon as you can.

  • Great for gaming & streaming
  • Perfect for households of all sizes
  • Top notch speeds

Gigantic Fibre

Our Gigantic plan is designed for anyone wanting super-fast speeds. With download speeds of up to 700-900Mbps and unlimited data you can game and stream to your heart's content!

Plus, there's more...

$5/month national calling

Call your mates every day with unlimited calling to landlines in NZ for just $5 a month.


All fibre connections get a free rental modem - nice! A postage fee of $14.95 applies.

Bundle discount with Slingshot Mobile

Add a Slingshot Mobile plan and we’ll knock $5 off your bill every 30 days!

Frequently asked questions

Slingshot Gigantic Fibre Broadband is the fastest speed we can offer. It's provided via our gigabit network. So what will that mean in reality? If you do a wired speed test, you should see 700-900Mbps down, and 500-550Mbps up. This variance in speed will depend on the speed test server location and capacity. Typically, the faster you go the more data you consume, so our Gigantic Fibre plan comes with unlimited data and a free standard install.

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Our Fibre 30 plan offers 30Mbps download and 10Mbps upload, Fibre 50 plan has 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload, Fibre 100 plan has 100Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload and Gigantic where you should see 700-900Mbps down, and 500Mbps up. Please note – these speeds are maximums. In practice, your speeds will vary depending on a wide range of factors, including time of day, if you are using a wired or wireless connection, the device you are using, which site or service you are using, and a bunch of other factors.

If you have a monitored alarm that is essential to your safety or health, we would recommend you check with your alarm provider before ordering a fibre service.

First, check if fibre is available at your address.

  • If you own the house, great! We can get cracking.
  • If you are renting or not the home owner, you will need written consent from the property owner. Your local fibre company (they're the ones who will do the actual install) will help with consent and contacting the owner.
  • If you have a shared driveway or shared access to your property, you will need consent from your neighbours before installation begins.
  • If you live in an apartment, unit or flat, we will need consent from the other residents or landlords. Again, your local fibre company will help with the consent process.
We'll arrange a date to come and install fibre at your place. On the pre-arranged installation date you will need to be home while the technician does the work. There are a number of steps:
  • Agree - the technician meets you, goes through and agrees installation requirements.
  • Build - the technician extends the fibre network to the boundary of your property and make it ready for fibre.
  • Connect - the technician will complete internal wiring, physical setup, test your connection and you are good to go!

The installer will attempt to complete ABC on the same day, although that may vary largely dependent on the complexity of the cabling work required at your premises.

We've got a long history of taking on the big boys and bringing price competition to the New Zealand broadband market. We are actually super proud of it. So, you can either trust us - or have a look at a broadband price comparison website like Glimp or Broadband Compare. Our sales team are available on 0800 89 6000 if you would like to talk about getting the best deal.