Easy Phone Features

Make your home phone awesome with 20 great phone features for only $5 a month.

Make your home phone awesome with 20 great phone features for only $5 a month.


It's a virtual answering machine and gives callers to your phone the option of leaving a message if they haven't been able to reach you. You can then listen to your voicemail at any time, from any phone in New Zealand.

Call Forward

You can forward calls to another number when you’re not at home or when your line is busy. You can even set this feature to permanently forward all your calls.

Call Privacy

If you want to keep your number private when making a call, you can. This can be on a per-call basis or set permanently.

Call Return

When you just miss a call, hit the feature star code to ring that person back.

Call Screening

You can decide to screen ‘blocked’ numbers or all calls. Callers will go on hold until they state their name – you can then decide how you want to manage the call; answer it, send it to voicemail, etc.

Call Waiting

Allows you to switch between callers. With this on, you'll be notified by a 'beep beep beep' during a call if someone else is trying to ring you. Simply hit the flash button to answer the call.

Caller ID

Allows you to see who’s calling – their number will be displayed on the phone screen before you pick up.

Do Not Disturb

Keen for some peace and quiet at home? With this feature enabled you can send all calls straight to your voicemail or choose to play a busy tone. You can also choose your own hours for this feature to be set.

Group Talk

Set up your own conference call with three parties or more.

Last Number Redial

Use this feature star code to ring back the last person you called.

Locate Me

Never miss a call again. With this feature set up you can have up to three other phones ring (even your mobile), when someone calls your home phone.

PIN Code

Have control over your bill by setting up a PIN code. You can choose to have this set for any outbound calls or only toll calls (calls other than free local area calls).

Remote Callback

This cool feature lets you access your home phone line remotely. If you’re at a friend’s place and need to make a toll call but don’t want your friend to pay, why not use this feature to make the call from your home phone while you’re at their place.

Selective Rejection

Turn this feature on and you can avoid all those annoying ‘blocked’ numbers, or you can choose to reject all calls that you receive from a particular number.

Speed Dial

Save time dialling by setting up your frequently dialled numbers in speed dial.

Time Scheduler

This feature allows you to schedule the times for many of the EasyPhone Features to be turned on and off, when and how you like. You can set it by preferred work hours, hours you’re available, etc.

Voicemail To Email

Get your voicemail sent to your inbox. This feature converts your voicemails to an audio file that can be sent to your nominated email address.

Wakeup Call

Use your home phone as an alarm clock with this feature.

Who Called Me

It's easy to find out who called. Simply use the feature star code to have the last number that called you read out.

Please note:
EasyPhone isn’t available everywhere. If you can get EasyPhone, the option to select this feature will appear during the sign up process if you’re a new customer, and in the My Slingshot if you are already a customer.