Standard Broadband

Great value ADSL broadband. Backed with great service from our New Zealand-based call centre.
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Slingshot Mobile from $14 /month with a broadband bundle

Get one of our great value plans on any Slingshot Broadband plan or sign up to Unlimited Broadband and save $5 a month on mobile

Utilising the Spark network

So we can guarantee strong & reliable service nationwide

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Homeline for $5 /month with a broadband bundle

No matter what the speed or the size of your plan, for just $5 a month you can add a homeline to your bundle.

Keep it naked

No need for a landline? That’s all good too. Just pick a naked plan and miss out on those birthday calls from older relatives.

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Plus, there's more…

  • $5 off when you add mobile

    If you add a mobile plan, we’ll whack a $5 a month discount onto your plan. Nice.

  • Free National Calling

    Call your mum everyday with free nation-wide calling to anywhere in NZ when you add a homeline for $5 extra. Hey mum!

  • Roll Over Data

    With Roll Over, each month your unused data rolls over to the next month, & builds up over the year.

  • Modem

    Slingshot provides a wireless modem with all new broadband connections for just $20.

Our unlimited plans include FREE Android Tablet

Sweet deal alert! Our unlimited plans come with a free 7” tablet. Nice - another device to stream, browse and game with!

A little about Standard Broadband

Our standard broadband uses ADSL2 technology. Jargon-free, that means it’s the standard broadband over your phone line you’ll be familiar with. Who should get Standard Broadband? Anyone who can’t get faster types of broadband (VDSL or fibre) or simply isn’t worried about speeds. Standard broadband is sweet for emails, TradeMe, general browsing, and the casual web user. If you are gaming, or streaming video, you might want to look at a faster service. That said, Slingshot has installed equipment in more than 200 telephone exchanges nationwide, so we have more control over our Standard Broadband service, and we tweak things to make sure we get it going as fast as we can!

Frequent Questions

What is Slingshot Mobile?

Check out our great new mobile plans and get all the info you need at

How long does it take to get Slingshot broadband?

Please allow five to ten working days to get up and running on copper connections. We'll try and do it faster than that if we can!

How much does it cost to install?

Installation is usually free of charge. In some cases we will need to carry out some work on the wiring in your house to complete your installation, and this carries an additional charge. We will always notify you first for your approval before anything is carried out.

When does my Rollover data expire?

Your Rollover data will only expire after 12 months. For example, if you had 10GB of unused data at the end of this month it’ll roll over into the next… and keep doing so until you use it up or it expires in a year’s time.

Can I keep my phone number?

If you are in the same area, sure! Otherwise we'll give you a range of new numbers to choose from.

Will Slingshot be faster than my old provider?

We work hard to make sure our customers get awesome speeds - check out what independent speed tester Truenet has to say about us at

Is your Call Centre NZ Based?

It sure is! Slingshot’s call centre is based in our HQ in Auckland.

How can I get the tablet?

Anyone who signs up to a Slingshot Unlimited Broadband plan before 30th June 2016 will get a Free 7” Android Tablet.

Just sign up online and we’ll get it over to you within 3-5 weeks.

Check availability at your address...

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Please allow five to ten working days to get up and running.
Installs are normally free, but if yours isn’t, we’ll of course let you know before we proceed.