We know one size doesn’t fit all. Hey, we’ve been doing this for 15 years now, we know that people like choice. Slingshot plans are fully customisable –whether it's data, speeds, having a landline, or even bundling power or a mobile.

Why Slingshot?

Slingshot love all the good things you love – like brilliant broadband, decent prices and amazing, good, old-fashioned service.

We’ve been selling broadband to Kiwis since 2001, so we reckon we have a pretty fair idea what people are after – fair prices, great service, and headache-free broadband.

  • Great for everyday use
  • Ideal for smaller households
  • Reliable & consistent speeds

Plus, there's more...

$5/month national calling

Call your mates every day with unlimited calling to landlines in NZ for just $5 a month.


ADSL modems are free and yours to keep! VDSL customers receive a receive rental modem - nice. A postage fee of $14.95 applies.

Bundle discount with Slingshot Mobile

Add a Slingshot Mobile plan and we’ll knock $5 off your bill every 30 days!

Frequently asked questions

Need fast broadband but can't get fibre? Go VDSL. Expect download between 15 and 50 Mbps and uploads between 5 and 10 Mbps.

Great value ADSL broadband. Backed with great service.

Check out our great new mobile plans and get all the info you need at

Please allow five to ten working days to get up and running on copper connections. We'll try and do it faster than that if we can!

Installation is usually free of charge. In some cases we will need to carry out some work on the wiring in your house to complete your installation, and this carries an additional charge. We will always notify you first for your approval before anything is carried out.

If you are in the same area, sure! Otherwise we'll give you a range of new numbers to choose from.