Ultra-Fast FIBRE

Fibre is the best and fastest way to connect to the net. Choose from 30Mbps download or 100Mbps download (go on - get the fast one - it's FASTER).

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Slingshot Mobile

Slingshot makes mobile easy (and great value). Just bundle a mobile plan in with your broadband plan and you are away. One monthly bill, fantastic plans, & really good rates. It's a no-brainer.

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Homeline or Naked

Add a Homeline to your plan for an extra $5 a month - Free National Calling. And, for even better value, you can add calling packs (super handy if you have friends and family down the line, or overseas).

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About Slingshot

Slingshot loves all the good things you love – like brilliant broadband, decent prices, and amazing, good old-fashioned service from our New Zealand-based helpdesk. Since launching in 1996, Slingshot has been on a mission to disrupt the telco industry, and give Kiwi’s great value internet, backed with awesome service.

Over the past decade we have built what we call the Better Network, the largest independent telco network in New Zealand. This network lets us drive down costs which we pass onto you, and provides a backbone that lets us provide you with rock-solid, speedy internet.

  • Standard Broadband

    This is your standard home broadband. Great for everyday browsing for a small to medium household.

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  • Ultra-Fast VDSL

    Ultra fast broadband over your phoneline. Great for a mid to large size household.

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  • Ultra-Fast Fibre

    The best and fastest way to get online. Highly recommended! It’s awesome.

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Installs are normally free, but if yours isn’t, we’ll of course let you know before we proceed.