Terms & Conditions

No Dramas Contract Terms

The No Dramas Contract is designed to give Kiwis more flexibility and peace of mind after signing up with us, so that if the service isn’t as promised or something happens further down the track, there won’t be any hassles getting it sorted.

If you sign up for a fixed term contract with us and want to leave early, we have the right to charge you an early termination fee as specified in the terms of your plan and/or offer you signed up to. That’s because we incur a lot of cost signing you up and getting you connected. If you leave early we won’t be repaid for those costs.

But rest assured, we’d also rather avoid any dramas.

We agree that we’ll waive the early termination fee if:

  • you have a genuine reason to leave early;
  • you work with us in good faith to find a solution; and
  • we can’t find a solution within a reasonable time.

A genuine reason will include:

  • something unexpected happens, like a serious medical issue or accident affecting you or your immediate family;
  • problems with the speed or reliability of your connection (for example, it’s not as good as what you obtained from your previous provider or as advertised);
  • your router doesn’t show up or doesn’t work properly;
  • issues getting you connected quickly;
  • there’s an ongoing problem with your bill;
  • there is an issue connecting you at a new address;
  • your technician doesn’t turn up when they say they will;
  • we said we’d do something when you contacted us and we didn’t do it; or
  • you unexpectedly need to move house to somewhere with a different broadband technology.

A genuine reason will not include:

  • you only need broadband in your batch over summer;
  • you want to sign up to a limited time special offer with another provider;
  • you’ve decided you don’t need broadband anymore;
  • you’ve decided it’s time for a change; or
  • you’ve found a better price with another provider.

When we say you need to work with us in good faith, we mean that you must:

  • pay your bill on time;
  • tell us about your genuine reason as soon as it comes up;
  • give us a chance to fix it or find a solution; and
  • do your part in good faith, by providing the reasonable information and taking the reasonable steps we request to troubleshoot the problem and/or resolve it (for example, if we suggest some specific steps to improve the quality of your connection, actually taking those steps).

There’s just one exception - if you sign up to a special offer that includes a free (or discounted) third party product or service on a minimum term contract. That offer may have specific terms that apply to the third party product or service when you terminate early, in addition to the early termination fee.