Wi-Fi with Slingshot

Kiwis rely on Wi-Fi – with many homes having loads of devices connected to their Wi-Fi network. To make sure the experience is smooth as, we offer a premium Wi-Fi modem on our high-speed broadband plans. Or, if your household demands a bit more juice, Google Wifi for seamless coverage on every device, in every room.

Automated connectivity

Devices automatically connect to the best-performing frequency. This means your older, slower devices won't hog all the bandwidth and your latest gadgets will fly along at full speed.

Super easy set up

Our modem comes with a fool-proof setup guide and colour-coded cables for plug and play. Easily choose your own Wi-Fi name and password with My Slingshot or our app from the App Store or Google Play. Too easy!


It’s capable of fibre speeds up to 950Mbps download – the fastest available, so you'll be all set should you need to upgrade your fibre plan later on.

Google Wifi

Google Wifi is a new type of home Wi-Fi system that provides seamless and reliable Wi-Fi to every device, in every room of your home, so everyone can stream, share and download.

Google Wifi can be added to any broadband plan for $15/month – after you’ve signed up, head across to My Slingshot.

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Seamless and reliable Wi-Fi coverage

Your three Google Wifi devices create a mesh network which allows you to enjoy fast Wi-Fi on every device, in every room.

Super simple set up

Download the free Google Wifi app, scan the QR code under your Google Wifi devices and follow the easy steps - the app will do all the hard work for you!

Family-friendly controls

Stay on top of your kids’ screen time with controls that pause the internet on certain devices during dinner, while the kids get ready for bed, or do their homework. Automatically block millions of adult websites on your kids’ devices.

Do you need to upgrade your Wi-Fi network to Google Wifi?

Ideally, a Wi-Fi network is something you should set up and then never have to think about it again. Wi-Fi can be fickle, so sometimes that’s not the case.

If you have a solid Wi-Fi network that is performing well then you should avoid fiddling with it.

If you’ve noticed some Wi-Fi network issues or are setting up a new Wi-Fi network, check out this handy guide that we’ve pulled together to help get the best Wi-Fi experience at home.

After taking a look at your home setup and trying the tips in our troubleshooting guide, the best tip of all is to invest in some extra equipment. If you live in a large house, a home with lots of obstructions or plenty of people with lots of devices, you'll likely be prone to Wi-Fi blackspots or have issues sharing the bandwidth with just one access point.

If your Wi-Fi isn’t quite cutting it, investing in some extra equipment can truly make all the difference. We’ve tried, tested and recommend the Google Wifi System.

Check out the guide below to help you decide what extra Wi-Fi equipment would be best for your home setup.

Which Wi-Fi is right for you?

SIZE OF HOME 1-10 Devices 10-20 Devices 20+ Devices
< 150m2 Slingshot modem Slingshot modem Google Wifi
150 to 200m2 Slingshot modem Slingshot modem or Google Wifi Google Wifi
200 to 420m2 Google Wifi Google Wifi Google Wifi
< 150m2 size home
1-10 Devices Slingshot modem
10-20 Devices Slingshot modem
20+ Devices Google Wifi
150 to 200m2 size home
1-10 Devices Slingshot modem
10-20 Devices Slingshot modem or Google Wifi
20+ Devices Google Wifi
200 to 420m2 size home
1-10 Devices Google Wifi
10-20 Devices Google Wifi
20+ Devices Google Wifi

Want to know more?

Wi-Fi can be fickle! While the best modem technology will certainly help your Wi-Fi experience at home, it’s good to understand why Wi-Fi can be slow or have issues, check your own home set up, and take some steps to fix it. That’s why we’ve pulled together this handy guide with tips to improve your Wi-Fi.

Our modem comes with fool-proof set-up guides, featuring colour-coded cables for plug and play. Need an online copy of our user manuals? Head over here.

If you’re lucky enough to be using one of our latest modems (the Netcomm NF18), you'll be able to easily update your network name and password as many times as you like via My Slingshot on our website or in the My Slingshot app.

No more mucking around with the modem, simply download My Slingshot from the App Store or Google Play, or head to My Slingshot online and follow the instructions:

  1. First things first, if you haven’t connected to Wi-Fi yet, find the Wi-Fi settings or network finder on your device
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network ‘Your new Wi-Fi’ from the list
  3. Enter your Wi-Fi password (refer to your Wi-Fi access card included with your modem).

It’s time to personalise!

  1. Download the My Slingshot app or head to My Slingshot in your web browser

  2. Log in (with your Slingshot account email and password) and find ‘My Wi-Fi’ in the right-hand menu
  3. Enter a new network name and password for your Wi-Fi
  4. Press ‘Save’.

Note: you'll have to update your all your devices to the new network name and Wi-Fi password. Head over here if the instructions using the app to change your Wi-Fi settings isn't working.

Google Wifi creates a mesh network of individual Wi-Fi points that work together to provide a blanket of connectivity. This allows you to have multiple sources of Wi-Fi to spread a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, so everyone can stream, share and download.